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See Him

If you’re reading this and feeling low, remember who is forever High. When you see yourself in iniquity’s mire and your heart is captured by this weak and weary world, remember the One who has overcome this life.  Never forget you are defined by Christ and His righteousness and not by a meritorious deeds stick.

If you’re reading this and feeling high, remember who was perfectly Low. When you see yourself in pride’s grip and your heart is captured by fame’s vainglory fantasy, remember the One who is the only one worthy of great position.  Never forget you are not the centerpiece for the Lord Jesus is our only peace.

If you’re reading this and feeling down, remember who could never be kept in the grave. When you contemplate that final breath at the edge of your days, remember that Christ has risen and so, too, will you for if you have died with Him you shall live with him forever.

If you’re reading this and feeling trampled by life, remember who suffered under the world’s hands.  When you see yourself as a victim, remember the One who was the only innocent One. Our vindication comes when He comes again as mercy and death is metered out perfectly before the throne.

If you’re reading this and understand the Words of Life then join me now in praying for all of those who will read this and don’t. May the Lord open their hearts and their give them eyes to see. Amen.


The First Place


Radiant colors swirl ahead and behind crystal-like boardwalks
That reflect nothing around rainbows and emerald seas.

Mild flashings under deep rumblings from between
Chambered rounds of faith lumbering in thunderous voices
Too loud to be heard.

The more I think I know the face of the One who made me
The more I know I think wrong things about most of what makes me
Think more of the things that wrongly made me
Think of them in the first place.

New Year. New Song. Pug song.


Yes… the new year is here, and with it comes the traditional call to resolution and reflection and all manner of multi-colored introspection flavored in a swirl of  observational commentary.  So… as to not be outdone by my assumed imaginary competitors, I would like to present you with a song accompanied by a few thoughts as you launch into fresh grass.

Click on the video. Lyrics found here.

Turn off your phones. Muzzle the dog. Sedate your world. Listen.

What a beautifully wrenched story sung as a raw lament.  The ghosts of parental and personal disappointments and past paths – the wish lists and the deaths and the recognition and painful remembrances all weave past me when I listen making me more elated about having Christ as my hope for this world fades in the curse.

Haven’t you had the timber of your heart tested?  Seeking and being sought. Buying and being bought. The good and the ugly. And the heartaches and cries and the love stories strung across our time here. Classic plots.

Haven’t you been stubborn as a butcher?  Thankless as a guest?

What are you doing with your life? joe-pug1

“will you recognize my face
when god’s awful grace
strips me of my jacket and my vest
and reveals all the treasure in my chest”

May His overflowing mercies bathe us while we weep and may His never-ending light guide our path.