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Living Created Canvas

gods mosaic

Reflecting upon the beauty of creation draws me closer to the One who made me and the promise of restoration.  Even in their fallen state, autumn leaves and sunsets bring awe and wonderment.  All around the skyline, His paintbrush colors in hues. Bright-blue and golden clouds are alive, drifting in paced succession.  At each turn of my head I see water vapor sculptures floating like parade balloons overhead, stretching across a stationary canvas. Beneath my feet, the ground bristles with active paintings.  Sometimes the dirt floor seems alive.  Scurrying insects, amazingly designed for specific purposes, crawl over and under shelter and food; each micro-functioning organism a display of greatness and artistry.

If this is the groaning creation that longs to be redeemed into a new fullness, then what will the renewed lilies and life be like when we live in perfected radiance?  If the fallen beauty of this present age brings in intense awe, then what unimaginable incredibleness awaits us in the New Jerusalem valley?

While we wait for the final consummation, God’s mosaic patterns swirl and breathe before us each day displaying His glory for all to see.   His power and majesty are seen in the forms and features as the time line moves closer and closer to the end of the End. Each day we are one day closer to His coming. Each day passed is another move forward to the grand day of completeness where all of our tears will be erased and grace’s abounding pleasure reigns forever. God has loved us with an unending love! Oh, the great things the Lord has in store for us, His people!

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!