Daily Archives: November 26, 2011

Black Friday’s Grayness

In an attempt to promote anti-materialism there seems to be a darting out into fundamentalist traffic that emerges this time of year from the social media realm.  This week begins its inaugural dash between semi and sportster as Black Friday reared his ugly face into the news.

Sure, there are some who feed like starving jackals upon any excuse to swipe their overloaded plastic for the chance at even more goodies. However, there are plenty people who simply know a good bargain when they see it.  Why be snarky about good stewardship?  What’s so funny ’bout peace, love and 70% off ?

Too many people run their lances through anything that seems to imitate WORLDLINESS, and yet, isn’t sniping generically at gray areas a bit ungracious? The Scriptures speak about money and stewardship hundreds of times because where your heart is, so too, shall your wallet be.

At this time of year it is apropos to begin to hear the lamenting of Black Friday and too much emphasis on spending, but spending within your budget is not overspending on credit. If you do the latter, you are a fool, but buying within budget and saving money by taking advantage of great sales makes you neither stupid nor materialistic. It makes you wise.

Lastly, remember that sometimes the greatest human gift you can give is yourself. Visit your old friend. Call your grandmother in another state. Pray for those who need it. Be slow to judge. Quick to listen and remember mercy.