Jumping through Hoops – Part I

jumping-through-hoopsA Christian friend of mine, who is a Division 1 female college basketball player, recently lamented about the state of female athletics in her school. Over time it has become increasingly more difficult to function freely as a heterosexual since that environment has become overrun with lesbianism.  In order to share her insights and experience I decided to do a three part interview with her for the blog.  I pray that it will help other girls in similar situations or their parents who are unaware of this problem or who are contemplating sending their girls off to play college sports.  Here’s part one.

When you got into sports whose decision was it?

I got into sports at a very young age, and even though my parents and brothers were athletes, it was my decision to start playing. My family having a very athletic background definitely influenced me, but I couldn’t wait to be a part of my own team once I was old enough to do so.

When did you get into sports? What sports have you played (childhood history)?

I come from an athletic family with older brothers so I was pretty much involved with sports from the time I came out of the womb.  According to home videos… I started playing sports outside in the backyard around age four and joined my first official team when I was five (softball) and joined my first basketball team when I was in 3rd grade.

In my younger years I balanced softball, basketball, and even a youth tennis team but shortly after getting into basketball I realized it was my favorite, so I began to play year round in about the 7th grade.

Golf was another sport that I loved to play and would have played in high school if it wasn’t the same season as my travel basketball team. I still played fast pitch softball all the way through high school, up until my senior year when I was fully concentrating on basketball.

Did your family encourage you or were you viewed negatively for pursuing sports as a girl?

My family definitely encouraged me. Like I said, growing up with older brothers it was all but expected that I play sports. Never once did my family look down on me for being an athletic girl, in fact it was seen as a great and exciting thing. The only exception would maybe be my grandma who begged me to at least settle for playing golf in college because to her basketball was too rough for a girl! [laughs]

You’ve mentioned that there are a lot of homosexual women in college basketball; what percentage of the players in your experience are practicing lesbians in the league?

Wow. That’s a hard question because you try not to let a few spoil your view of the entire group since you don’t come in contact with EVERYONE in the league to be sure of a number. But sadly I would have to say that as time goes on, it isn’t even a case of a few spoiling the whole anymore. It has got to be at least 60-65%.

That is a figure with absolutely no research or stats to back it up, but if you talk to my peers they will most likely agree with it. And as it becomes more and more open and accepted in society, that number just keeps getting bigger. It used to be kind of hidden and covert, but that is not really the case anymore.

What do you think is the cause? Is it that the sport attracts them or is it that the sport turns them? What is the reason for such a high percentage?

From what I have seen, it is a little bit of both…it is one big vicious cycle. When a girl grows up in the environment of competitive basketball there are a few things that are pretty much inevitable…spending countless hours in the gym, traveling to  tournaments, wearing lots of sweatpants and sweatshirts and basketball shorts and tees, and spending hour upon hour with a group of girls that become like your sisters to you…

And … there is a stereotype out there that girls that dress like ‘that’ are a bit masculine and even possibly gay. It is almost like the devil himself has injected that stigma into the sport of women’s basketball, and is now having a field day with it.

A basketball player who doesn’t have a boyfriend (probably due to the countless hours of being in the gym) and who wears athletic gear around their campus (high school or college) is often times deemed gay from the start from those who don’t really know her.

And the devil can easily prey on those girls and immediately start to put lies into her head about her sexuality. For instance “you’ve never had a boyfriend and you’re how old? Doesn’t that tell you something” or “you already dress kind of manly, and people think that you are gay already, so maybe you really are?”

So that would be an example of the shaping influences that you find in the sport that one could say can be used to ‘turn’ someone in the wrong direction. Then when you get these girls, who are already questioning things and they too easily get sucked right in. They are lonely and guess who is there to take them in? Homosexual girls who are dying to connect emotionally with someone. It is a false illusion of true love and dependence, which I could talk about for hours, but let’s just say it is a very dangerous temptation disguised as security.

And there’s another common variable at work… in my experience the overwhelmingly majority of homosexual girls that I have come across have had some sort of broken relationship with their father. I’m not going to say that in every single case that is what has caused it, they have made a choice in their life …but there is no doubt that this plays some contributing role.

The amount of broken homes these days is saddening, and even in families that aren’t broken, a faulty relationship between a daughter and father can be so damaging. I’m not saying that if a girl is gay then it is her father’s fault. Please don’t take it that way… but I will say that the girls that claim to have been gay from a very young age have almost all had a very dysfunctional father/daughter relationship or some sort of unhealthy relationship with guys close to them at a young age.

The Lord has always protected me from giving into this particular temptation and I can honestly say that I’ve not even considered it even though I’ve been surrounded by it for so many years. Yet I’ve had thoughts that maybe I was gay, I mean  I never had a boyfriend until I was twenty-one and I  grew up kind of tomboyish… played a lot of sports… so maybe I was really gay. This wasn’t something that I struggled with on a daily basis but it definitely crossed my mind a few times. I praise the Lord for His grace and protection over me.

[Tomorrow: Part II – ‘The Struggle of the Hoops’]


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