Race, Race, God’s Race

We are the descendants of Adam and Eve is our ancient grandmother; the first woman created in beauty and goodness.  Cain, and then Abel, and then other offspring came along as the beginnings of the human race were set into familial motion. I wonder how many of us still believe this any more? In modernity, we are told that we are the result of statistical race-racerandomness with survival purposes and that instead of being another created order, the gorilla is actually our long lost cousin, or at least some sort of hybrid mutational tributary in a complicated primate tree. Flee your fables bible-boy! and embrace your race!

As our current post-election mindlessness exemplifies and documentaries like “Expelled” reveal, much effort has gone into creating a fantasy camp version of life that millions have swallowed.  Logical and critical thinking are now petrified remnants signifying outdated methodologies, sitting like old museum pieces as examples of antiquated reasoning while inward and emotional sensations have been crowned as the new intellectual princes.  Paul was right when he said that we should never think that we are wrestling against women or men or any human being. We war against ideologies fabricated in demonic boardrooms and closets. People are not our true enemy.

Part of this purposed deception is the never ending campaign in our America to eject the fountain and replace it with a mythological ethos that imitates the lie.  One such example of this plot is the word ‘race’.  Ingrained into the vernacular of common conversation, ‘race’ has been coddled in those boardrooms and sent out to infect and divide.  Racial lines have encircled every governmental and business form, fueled many factions, and have motivated political platforms for decades and yet the worst injectors in our midst all claim to be color-blind.  Making this soul poison even more despicable is the knowledge that only one human race actually exists with a great multiplicity of people groups living as subsets of the whole. One blood. One people. One God. One race.

Our Christian heritage is tainted with this poisonous infection as everyone from middle-melanin immigrants to transatlantic slaves have been made substandard pawns in this devilish shell game.  And while God has used great men such as William Wilberforce and William Johnson to break through these strongholds we still suffer greatly as the minority people groups themselves have now succumbed to racial weaponry calling it liberation and advancement.  Our streets are still riddled with undue prejudice and too many of our church assemblies are still too worried about their tint.

To solve this fracture is to raise the gospel of Christ even higher and to proclaim the light even brighter and to sing His songs a little louder for soon this whiff will be gone.  Soon the vapor dissipates forever and the glory of our Savior will be seen as every fable and fantasy shall be silenced. Every blasphemous syllable will be stopped. And every knee from every people will feel the ground before a beautiful Lord as either their redemptive King or as their wrathful judge.

Let us continue to pray for real unity in the bond of real peace which is never found in fancy slogans, bumper stickers, or candidates, but only in the blood of Jesus the Righteous.


About ostrakinos

Pastoral sojourner in the world. Raising up four daughters. Citizen of earth. Resident of heaven. Taking ten looks at Christ.

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