Election Reflection

obamaromeAfter much preparation, media roasting, seemingly endless debate and now ethnic jubilees; we have a new President.  With large voter turnout about half the country voted in arguably the most socialistic candidate we have ever seen as a major party nominee.

President Obama is on record espousing Marxist redistribution of wealth economics while condescending to “Joe the Plumber”, attending a Black liberation theology church for two decades, whose pastor preaches unashamed racism in the name of Christ, admitting to not knowing when human life begins while supporting the Planned Parenthood death machine, and advocating on public radio that we tax and penalize the coal industry so that it goes out of business since carbon emissions are killing the planet.

Secular humanism is king and it has a new king in the Obamanation.

The decade swing of public education’s Darwinian juggernaut and the expulsion of God out of just about every crevice and mantle have reached its apex in this latest roost.

And we must not forget the visible church’s straying into all manner of silliness and heretical practices from putting too much faith in political evangelism to abandoning the gospel in the name of tolerance and love.  Put these and other cultural soup ingredients into an American pot and add to it a seemingly absolute ignorance of basic American foundations and you end up with a President-elect who is as sketchy as an Escher print of a Chicago ghetto.

Postmodernity has wedded neo-paganism as we are watching a Romans-one offspring being not only birthed, but anointed as well.  The truth has been exchanged.  Early on Wednesday morning as I read the news reports of the new messiah’s victory and the blame shifting from the losing factions, I was caught between many emotions and thoughts. Part of me was simply angry – angry that I couldn’t have done more to change things; angry that not enough people cared about the truth.  Another part of me was resting safely in Christ and God’s promises of final peace – knowing that God has not moved an inch and is still sovereign over all things. And another part of me was still somewhat flabbergasted and puzzled at the duper en masse.

Yet the victorious spirit of our everlasting God won my heart again.  I needed to remind myself of His Word and remember that although we may be in for disastrous weather He will never leave me nor forsake me. I needed to remind myself that I have not been called into the service of a political party; I’ve been called into the service of my Savior.  I needed to be reminded that the unregenerate act like the unregenerate and that man will vote accordingly.  I needed to remember that the world hates God and will not become a Utopian camp this side of the Consummation. I needed to remember that we have been called to suffer for His name’s sake.  I needed to remember that my focus should be on the gospel’s proclamation in word and deed and that we need to pray for its swift travels to all peoples even when that person is our own President.

In the end it isn’t about race, party, or economies.  In the end it is all about justice or mercy. In the end it is all about Christ for God has appointed a day by which men shall be judged both the living and the dead. All of us will give an account and only those who have turned away from their sin and embraced the Lord Jesus by faith for the salvation of their souls will feast at the great banquet.  We can’t lose our focus. We can’t give up the fight. We must preach in the season of victory and in the season of apparent defeat knowing that not even the gates of Hades will triumph over us for God is victor forever.

My friend and fellow minister in the church universal James White made a poignant video expressing my sentiments on this most monumental occasion in our nation’s history. Give it a listen. Give it some real thought. Be blessed and encouraged. Up the bayonets!


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Pastoral sojourner in the world. Raising up four daughters. Citizen of earth. Resident of heaven. Taking ten looks at Christ.

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