Alternative Stewardship Living

Recently, I found earthships which are homes designed from a “biotecture” perspective. As we’ve worked more and more in rebuilding homes and neighborhoods one thing has become evident – we could use better construction materials and we pay way too much for our living spaces.  Another thing that I’ve come to realize is the enormous waste that our country creates when we build.  If you comb a city and pay attention you’ll find bricks, lumber, unistrut, metal, stone, wires, lighting, and all manner of discarded materials laying around.  Having a reclamation ministry is a great way to show stewardship through reusing items to the benefit of those in need.

We currently reuse found and donated items on a small scale but the challenge with bigger uses of course comes in the fact that when you use non-traditional methods and means you find the expertise short and the municipalities low on issuing permits. You also fly right into the profit motives of businesses who are not exactly as excited as you are in your work.

This is something that continues to occupy my mind and heart and I pray that perhaps we might one day begin to move forward by becoming better recycling rats with a purpose. Wouldn’t it be great to build better housing for families with no utility expenses?  The homes in this video represent a way to do just that.  While their erroneous enviro-tripe philosophy needs to be ignored ( i.e.- the world is NOT about to turn into an overwarmed mushroom ball of methane and melted ice), we can learn plenty from these progressive ideas that fit ever so nicely into our cultural mandate and call to good stewardship.


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Pastoral sojourner in the world. Raising up four daughters. Citizen of earth. Resident of heaven. Taking ten looks at Christ.

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