Most Peculiar Momma

It is during times like these that I wonder where we will end up by the end of the year or decade.  Our financial horizons are so pathetically entrenched in political pandering that John McCain actually looks like a conservative and Barack Obama is being heralded as some revival juggernaut while the reality is that he’s simply a liberal socialist re-presenting the same Ole anti-American nonsense that the Clinton’s tried to feed the nation before Bill was impeached.

We have homosexuals demanding equal treatment and the right to be married as if one’s sexual orientation should be their self-defining feature and marriage can mean anything else other than what God has intended.  Even mere biology attests to the fact and function of our sexual organs’ use and non-intended use and if anyone dare point out that a man’s anatomy is designed to work with a female’s body, then suddenly they are labeled intolerant and bigoted.  Strange days indeed.

Legislators can’t seem to decide if inutero-living is actually living at all or whether taxing Americans more will be a good or bad thing, as if the last century never even happened.  Babies in their mother’s womb are just that – babies in their mother’s womb; they have a seperate DNA, their own blood-type and their own heart beat. The only real debate we should be having is about how fast we should be shutting down these infanticidal murder factories and what to do with all the extra phone systems and reception room chairs that will become available from Planned Parenthood’s closure.

Madness abounds from the right and from the left as our standards are eroding in every possible arena.  The new standard in our culture seems to be that there is no standard as a post-modern feeding fetish seems to make the masses glad. Logic is an antiquated ideal that has worn out her usefulness and in her place is an emotive gelatin that neither provides vision or nutrition.

Strange and yet, predictable.  And so we stand on the fringe of uncertainty as our sight cannot tell us what the next day will bring, but then again, it never could and it never will.  These are the times when I am so glad that the One who does know tomorrow calls me Blessed.  These are the times when our glorious Savior and King shines the most brightly. These are the times when our faith is tested.

I am glad that we do not put our hope in chariots or politicians or economic markets. Instead, we put our hope in God above who never leaves us and who never forsakes us and who is orchestrating all the events of history so that His perfect work of redemption, justice, and mercy may be fulfilled as the consummated Kingdom gets closer and closer and closer.  And unlike some pop artist’s may sing, somebody did tell me there would be days like these… and for that I rejoice.  Come Lord quickly!

About ostrakinos

Pastoral sojourner in the world. Raising up four daughters. Citizen of earth. Resident of heaven. Taking ten looks at Christ.

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