Colored Lenses and Veiled Judging

All of our being has been affected by sin.  My biological and spiritual sister Carla has Friedreich’s Ataxia (a neuromuscular genetic disorder) and whenever I see her I’m reminded of two clear things: the corruptive power of sin’s reign in our bodies and the redemptive power of Christ’s gospel.  As she struggles to live with her disability it is easy to see a visual reminder of our corrupted physicality yet we don’t always get the same ‘visual’ when it comes to the noetic effects of our sinful condition.

Our perception is constantly clouded by our imperfections and it isn’t always easy to clean our own visors.  Added to that is the fact that our lenses are colored by personal bias, past wrongs,  distrust, festering wounds, habitual anger, malice, and half-hearted versions of spastic love. The result is that this side of heaven we will continually find ourselves wrestling with seeing correctly through the windows we create.  No greater difficulty do we find in this life than when we enter into relationships.  Life would be great if we could only just be alone; or if everyone else would simply do what it is that we say, act as we would like them to, do so when we say it, and ignore our double-faced requirements. The mercy-for-me-but-unmoving-justice-for-you billboard is too easily erected in front of our throne.

As Wayne Mack once put so rightly, it is our task in this life to first SEE things biblically through the lens of faith and revealed truth and then to secondarily, REACT and RESPOND biblically to that correct understanding of life and events.  Easier said then done, yes I know; but that does not excuse us from fighting towards that goal.  It is the pursuit of living out the redeemed life before God and man where the Spirit’s perfection is made known in our weakness. Thank God for His sufficient grace.

And so it is good to remember that we live with planks and splattered bugs covering our view.  Humility understands this. Our comprehension and perceptions are quite often the victim of multiple onion layers that in and of themselves are thin, but when added one on top the other become a teary mess.  And once we begin to see one another through a tainted and skewed goggle, correcting our image of the other party is almost never easy since colored lenses tend to create self-fulfilled personality prophecy.  Once I think you are selfish and only want corn to eat, any movement towards a stalk, the can, the grocery, the aisle, or the field MUST be a movement towards corn since it certainly can’t be that you needed milk.  Once we allow our glasses to go gray all we see is gray and once we have grayed glasses we begin to judge the heart.

Thankfully the Lord allows us to renew our minds with His truth and has given us the ability to not only see with the mind of Christ but to be able to create new gazing habits.  Mercy is made from heaven’s plant through the blood of Christ everyday.  Forgiveness is a powerful balm.  We should seek to respond slowly while striving to wipe our window clean.  It is critical to let the Word of God do its work in your heart before you even attempt to microscope your neighbor’s.  Without keeping your vision clear you’ll always find what you think you see and you’ll never be able to jump off the merry-go-round.

Satan loves the merry-go-round by the way.  He enjoys seeing dizzy and pale-faced believers ready to vomit from too many circles.  Let us then purpose to walk the gracious path laid before us by not taking into account wrongs suffered.  I pray we can learn to see past the corrosion and let our love abound so that it becomes our over-arching shield.


About ostrakinos

Pastoral sojourner in the world. Raising up four daughters. Citizen of earth. Resident of heaven. Taking ten looks at Christ.

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