F.I.R.E. – Fellowship Connections

Several years ago we attended a local meeting of FIRE (Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals) and met some great like-minded brothers in the Lord.

As a small church recently coming out of our misunderstandings about Reformational thought and anything Calvinistic, FIRE was instrumental in our growth as pastors and as a church in general. Since then, we have been blessed with FIRE friends and a whole host of pastors and ministers who have helped to encourage, edify, and educate us as we move onward in our call to serve God’s people.

What we like most about FIRE is the irenic tone and flavor that the organization thrives upon while maintaining a solid commit to the Doctrines of Grace. For us the group has been a great fellowship and extension of our faith community. We pray that the Lord continues to help our network grow and prosper as an example of true ecumenical alliance.

Alan, Dwight, Gary, GlenTake a minute to view the video below taken at our recent 2008 National Conference on Kingdom Apologetics.

John Crotts, Bruce Ray, James White, Jerry Marcellino, and James Grier brought us the Word of God at this year’s Conference and focused on how we as believers and leaders are to minister and defend the hope that is within us as we live out our faith in fear and trembling. It was a great time of refreshing.


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Pastoral sojourner in the world. Raising up four daughters. Citizen of earth. Resident of heaven. Taking ten looks at Christ.

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  1. Well, that was fun to watch. 🙂 I can’t believe you commented about a Calvinist lunch the way you did, lol, but it was still fun to watch.

    You folks down south eat some REALLY weird stuff.

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