Gay Marriage, Spot and Beautiful Vases

Front page of San Francisco newspaperI was in San Francisco right after the historic ruling that legalized gay marriage. Not that New Orleans is foreign to overt homosexual communities, but it was a bit surreal to actually be in the midst of the news rather than hearing about it from afar. California Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald George has said that this ruling is based on the impressions that he had while visiting the south’s racial ‘no Negro allowed‘ world and sees this as simply another form of discrimination. To him and many others this is merely a civil rights issue.

If ever there were a proof of living in a transmodernity that has become overwhelmingly post-logic this would be it. Definitions mean little anymore and along with redefining comes a loss of logic. Based on George’s definitions and attitudes why not legalize bestiality next and allow us to marry our pets? I know many loving people out there who are in love with Biffy and Spot and Smoochie pup. Why not let them have the dignity of getting married? Are they, too, not in a committed relationship of mutual love and affection? Some of the most happy and committed relationships I’ve ever seen are between a man and his dog or a woman and her cat so why not let them marry ? Certainly these outdated discriminatory laws against intercourse with animals need to be overturned!

“…an individual’s capacity to establish a loving and long-term committed relationship with another person and responsibly to care for and raise children does not depend upon the individual’s sexual orientation.” – Chief Justice Ronald George

Where does the redefining end? Marriage was not instituted by man, it was given by God. Just as we are not the byproducts of chance, mutation, and primordial soup explosions, we are also not autonomous agents floating in the ether who can invent any type of familial relationship and call it good.

If a man chooses to get breast implants and take female hormones and use his anus as a vagina that does not make him a woman. And if a woman decides that she will wear her hair short, dress like a man and purchase a penile-substitute so that she can be her girlfriend’s boyfriendOverlooking San Francisco she isn’t a man either. This is a self-authenticating truth. I’m not a dog if I bark and eat Science diet anymore than Spot is my wife. God created all things in kind and He made us in His image – man and woman. If someone were to make a beautiful vase for you and you then in turn decided to use that wonderfully created centerpiece as a personal latrine would not the creator of that vase be angry? Would you not be disgracing the intended purpose of that vase by urinating and defecating in it day after day? We would throw someone in jail if they went to a museum of fine art and began to use the painting canvases as toilet paper yet somehow we don’t have the same respect for our own bodies?

Homosexuality misuses the intended and obvious design of the human body which is why it is proper to label it as deviant, perverted, and wrong. Comparing being against the redefining of social constructs and marriage laws to suit homosexuals equal to not allowing a black man from Georgia to eat at Denny’s is patently absurd. They are not even in the same category which is why categories must be reworked in an attempt to make it all ‘fit’. God created mankind from one blood and He made us both male and female. Following the created order is honoring to Him; following unjust racial divides and invented gender-nastics is abuse.

This is a great evangelical time we live in – a great time to use these events to dialog with others as a platform in proclaiming the unchanging truth of the Gospel.

For more thoughts on this you can listen to James White’s commentary here.
Or Al Mohler’s guest here.

And if you think my comments on Spot were whacked, read this.


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