When Logic and Proportion Have Fallen Sloppy Dead

White Rabbit ProzacRecently I made a post about the infiltration of psychology into the church. It is interesting to see how the ‘study of the soul‘ has been hijacked by those who do not know God leaving many to wonder whatever happened to our ability to cope with life apart from the onset of a Wundtian-Freud juggernaut. To be sure, one can learn much from the field of behavioral studies, but no one knows more about why we do what we do than God, the author of the soul.

And what is alarming is the percentage of believers who think that Scripture is insufficient in the area of soul care. For many life has become immensely more complicated than in the ‘old days‘ and they are so glad that someone has come along and provided help for them in dealing with life’s plethora of disappointment, strife, and challenges. Many have been persuaded that God’s Word falls short when it comes to the area of how we are to live and what causes the troubles we find ourselves in. James chapter four has apparently lost its shine and has been replaced by Dr. Phil chapter eight.

The schemes of the devil are hard at work attempting to convince God’s people of the same Eden lie, this time, cloaked in the wrapper of psychiatric medicine. What has been touted as scientific medical truth is the idea that our depression and anxieties are really disease and chemical instability. According to the mainline agenda, at the root of our life problems is simply poor fertilizer. All we need is to find the right medication and our lives will be manageable and our days filled with goodness.

Well, certainly taking any substance that alters your biochemistry can make you feel better about your existence. I remember being intoxicated with a variety of substances and feeling as though my life was much better than it really was and being so stoned that I could hear things in music much more clearly than I could when I was un-stoned, yet I don’t think I’m going to advocate a life of Jello shots or instituting a Bong Music Fest anytime soon.

And so it is that we are left to meander around a confusion tarp by braille written by pharmaceutical peddlers and find ourselves beating a blind man’s stick against the head of sensibility. There are known troubles with psychiatric medications related to violent aggression, murderous thoughts, depression, and suicidal tendencies and yet these ‘medications’ are taken by millions of individuals daily.

[NOTE / WARNING: I am not a medical doctor nor am I suggesting to any of you who are on these medications to stop taking them without qualified medical attention. If you are convinced that you should get off of your medications it is imperative that you do so under the strict supervision of your doctor. Failure to do so could prove extremely dangerous.]

Here are some examples of the dangers of antidepressant medications and the purposed covering up of these known risks and unknowns by the drug manufacturers who produce them.

  • Some psychiatric drugs, such as the stimulants and benzodiazepines, cause changes in the brain that lead to dependency and withdrawl problems. There is increasing evidence that most or all psychiatric drugs cause sufficient withdrawal problems to interfere with efforts to stop taking them. (Breggin, 1997; Breggin & Cohen, 1999 – Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry, Vol. 8, Number 3, Fall/Winter 2006)
  • There are well-documented cases of individuals who suffer from a substance-induced mood disorder with manic features or from serious compulsive criminal violence and suicidality. In all these cases the suicidal, violent, or criminal behaviors were unprecedented in the individual’s lives prior to taking psychiatric drugs.
  • Serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants and benzodiazepines such as alprazolam (Xanax), Fluoxetine (Prozac) and sertraline (Zoloft) have been linked to murderous, suicidal, and psychotic behavioral problems especially if taken in combinations.
  • Glaxo SmithKline (GSK) systematically hid and manipulated data concerning Paxil-induced suicidality in depressed adults. See a report here.
  • The number of suicide attempts on the antidepressant Paxil has been under-reported and the number of suicide attempts on placebo was inflated. GSK hid the incidence of Paxil-induced akathisia (agitation with hyperactivity) and stimulation both known risk factors for suicidality and violence.
  • In the case of Lacuzong v. GSK, the widow of a man who drowned their two children and himself in a tub after taking Paxil for three days was “resolved” to the satisfaction of the family; the drug company denied all allegations. You can read the Lacuzong Report here.
  • Remember Andrea Yates? The woman who murdered her five children one by one in the family bathtub? She was on Haldol and stopped taking it abruptly just before her psychotic killings. She was also taking two other antidepressants which included Effexor. You can read about more cases here.
  • Drug companies settle almost all legal cases brought against them in order to seal incriminating scientific data. This deprives the FDA, medical profession and public of critical information on drug safety and efficacy.An example of this is the June 15, 2005, Eli Lilly & Co. court settlement. Eli Lilly is the manufacturer of Prozac, Methadone, and the antipsychotic drug Zyprexa. The settlement included an estimated 8,000 lawsuits pending in the United States concerning Lilly’s alleged failure to warn about the risk of Zyprexa causing diabetes. The company agreed to pay $690 million but denied any wrongdoing.Under the rules of the settlement agreement Eli Lilly will be allowed to seal all of the critical documents involved in the case making them unavailable to other attorneys, health professionals, or the public. If they were truly sure of their innocence they should make public all of their internal documents relating to how much they knew, or didn’t know, and how much they still know about Zyprexa causing diabetes and pancreatitis.

What are we to make of all of this? I would suggest that there is enough evidence out there to say at least this much: Do not take these medications and if you are currently using them, seek to get off as soon as possible. (Under proper medical supervision) We shouldn’t go chasing rabbits when we know we are going to fall. There is no doubt that the White Knight is talking backwards and we should avoid feeding our heads with the wrong food. The labels of bipolar and manic and depressed and disease have been glued to many suffering people who have readily accepted what the so-called medical community have served them but the expiration dates are foul. Scripture tells us that we wrestle against the schemes of the devil and not against people. I would encourage the church to rise up beyond the limits of a 20/20 news report and even this blog post itself and begin to critically examine what I believe to be one of the major scams of the 21st century. Have faith dear saints that God’s Word is sufficient for our troubles and it is free of hookah smoking caterpillars.


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  1. You will like listening to this series here

  2. With respect, I will make a few short points.

    -First, although I agree that these sorts of drugs are overprescribed, I believe that they do serve a necessary purpose for some people. In the same way that it is possible in a fallen world to have an unhealthy heart or injured joints, it is also possible to have a brain that is sick.

    -Second, if you were to examine the data sheets for many common (even over-the-counter) medications, and read their potential side-effects, you would probably be surprised. Use of any drug should be decided based on weighing the associated risk against the promised cure.

    -Third, I know of two specific families that suffered a great deal during the Zyprexa lawsuit–and not because they had any financial connection with Eli Lilly. In both cases, a doctor stopped prescribing Zyprexa in order to avoid backlash from the lawsuit, although the drug had been helpful in controlling their condition. In both cases, the result was a lengthy, painful, and costly psychotic episode. In both cases, the individuals have returned to using Zyprexa, knowing the risks, and are in the process of rebuilding their lives.

  3. Eric,

    My main concern re: anti-depressant medication is that there is a ready acceptance without challenge to the idea that because one suffers from anxiety, panic, depression, mood swings, etc. it means they have a ‘chemical imbalance’ and therefore they must be medicated. The science simply does not indicate this to be true yet most believe it anyway. Most simply go with a pragmatic approach – if this drug X is relieving my symptoms then drug X is good and okay. The problem is that we could get similar results from many other intoxicants. Certainly the ends do not always justify the means.

    Secondly, we rarely hear about the cover-up by the pharmaceutical companies re: these lawsuits. and we do not have any long term understanding of what these medications will do to the supposed ‘sick brain’. What we do have is evidence of a ‘rush to market’ attitude that is literally using the population as its test lab. It is a very dangerous prescription to an unknown that few are aware even exists. It is in my mind a lot like creation science where only one side gets heard very often and the other side is seen as out of the loop or behind the times.

    As for your friends my heart goes out to them. Stopping these medications as I’ve noted here can create horrific troubles. Hence my advice to avoid them in the first place.

  4. This is not an academic discussion for me since my dear mother, a vibrant Bible-believing woman of God for decades, now resides in a psychiatric institute after attempted suicide. It began with a Vitamin B-12 deficiency after emergency surgery several years ago (often a cause of mood disorders, etc.), the subsequent revealing of longterm childhood abuse kept secret from us all these years but already dealt with (she thought completely) in Christian counselling and prayer (and since confirmed by other family members, so not a figment of her imagination), and has been a heartbreaking journey of bad reactions to medication after medication and now ECT as a last-ditch attempt to provide her with some relief. The worst thing of it all is her belief that God has rejected her. It’s easy to say that God’s Word is sufficient for our troubles, but it just isn’t that simple. Last year my sister and I attended a Christian conference on mental health. People came from far away because there is so little help in the Christian world other than easy platitudes. A Christian psychiatrist explained that things can go wrong in the brain just as they can in the body. These are psychiatric illnesses, not a simple crisis of faith. No one could have been more faithful or devoted to God and His Word than she was before this hit her. It has certainly tested the faith of the believers in the family–and has made the unbelievers suspect that her previous all-out faith is responsible for it. I know that God is truly faithful and has His purposes even in this, but it breaks my heart to see her suffer so.

  5. Beth Marie Rexford


    I am the author of a book callled Gaining Control of Your Mind Through the Mind of Christ. I noticed your website while doing research for a class I am taking. I have cited work by Breggin and Cohen along with other medical facts and scripture. This book has already helped many people and I have one documented report of someone who was on psychiatric drugs for years and was able to entire come off them.

    If you would like a copy of this book to review. I would be willing to send you one at no cost. Also, if you know anyone who would benefit from the book. I am willing to send them a copy. I wrote it to help people.

    Your help in this endevour would be greatly appreciated.

    Beth Marie Rexford

  6. “The “what should be” never did exist, but people keep trying to live up to it. There is no “what should be,” there is only what is.”– Lenny Bruce

    “Gods words” not only fall short in the area of how to live your life moraly, they basicaly go as far as to dictate what modern man can only call evil. God tells you to stone disobedient children, kill men who work on the sabbath, and that it’s o.k. to own slaves. The list goes on and on.

    We have evolved into better people since the writing of the bible. Holding onto beliefs from the Iron age and declaring them to be unquestionable is silly.

    Murderous, suicidal, and psychotic behavioral problems have also been linked to religous belief.

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