Death Be Not Proud

A few months ago my cousin Travis was murdered in the Atlanta area the result of an apparent drug encounter gone bad. I hadn’t seen him since I was about twelve years of age; he was about six years younger than myself.

This Sunday morning I found out that another cousin of mine Louie, Travis’ half-brother, was found dead as well. He was about thirty years old and committed suicide with a 9mm to the face.

Louie’s life was right out of the talk show circuit – divorced parents, abusive mother abandoned him, his father barely has a high school education, his distant step mom turns out to be a lesbian and hits the road, early alcohol abuse, and drug addiction. It’s almost a Springer script.

The last time I saw Louie he was covered in tattoos, diving in dumpsters, had a volatile relationship with his girlfriend, and was a committed street kid. He soon caught Hepatitis and began to show the signs of a failing liver and on November 18 at 1 a.m. somewhere in Idaho, when the physical ailments converged with Travis’ murder and his calloused relationship with his long time live-in girlfriend continued to sour, the tunnel light was snuffed out.

I can still see his wonderful smile when as children he and I did endless flips off of grandma’s diving board during summer visits. How I wish I could see that smile again.

I am reminded now yet again just how horribly sin-infested this world truly is and as the apostle Paul wrote in Romans 8 – all of creation groans to be redeemed. This life has nothing for us and we know not what hour we shall expire.

I am reminded once again that we need to see life as a vapor and live accordingly.

I am reminded that I haven’t spoken to all of my extended family about the hope found in Christ and my need to seek them out.

I am reminded that there is only one hope and one way to freedom from this life’s condemnation and dregs.

I am reminded that living out my faith in all aspects of thought, word, and deed is essential.

I am reminded that we who know our Lord Jesus have an obligation to obediently crawl through the trenches laid before us in the hope that some may know Him.

I am reminded that I am not God.

I am reminded that He counsels with no one but Himself.

I am reminded that I want to see Louie and Travis again.

I am reminded that I more than likely never will.

I am reminded that Providence is not mine.


About ostrakinos

Pastoral sojourner in the world. Raising up four daughters. Citizen of earth. Resident of heaven. Taking ten looks at Christ.

Posted on November 22, 2006, in Evangelism, Experiential / Application. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Very sad.
    This reminds us of those around us that so desperately need Jesus.
    Good reminders.

    Grace to you,

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