Breaststroking the Tiber

If Scripture is what it claims to be – “theopneustos” – the breath of God [2Tim. 3:16], then it follows that it will be ‘in the Word’ where our battles will be found.

The earliest lie and deception told to man was that God didn’t really say “X”. It was an attack on the clarity and authority of His Word. Satan was active twisting up God’s instructions for his own benefit and in doing so setting himself up as the infallible interpreter of truth. Things haven’t changed much.

I’ve noticed a curious continuation of this Eden principle when examining the conversions to Christianity from Rome. When a person flees Roman Catholicism it involves a realization that what the Vatican says is in contradiction to what God’s Word has said leaving the individual with a decision to make – either they obey God or they obey Rome. What the Magisterium has purported as truth collides with what Scripture reveals.

Swimming across the Tiber; however, involves an allegiance not to the Word of God, but rather an allegiance to supposed historical significance usually couched in an Early Church Fathers’ proposal. That predicate is then used to batter plain meanings and proper exegesis into eisegetical trumps and butchered apologetics. Historical sophistry is used to guide the swim while Scripture becomes a mere beachhead ignored by the pier walkers. And so it is that we have the same Genesis trick established again; this time coming out of Italy.

God’s Word is constantly under assault specifically because it is the means He uses to bring men to faith. Therefore, whenever, and however that can be thwarted, muffled, bent, ignored, ridiculed, or hidden it will be a good day for the serpent. And for this reason the doctrine of Sola Scriptura will forever be the fulcrum for deceivers for they would rather lift up textual criticism banners than holy hands.

Don’t ever let yourself be deceived. Learn to check out all who would claim to know what God has said by a thorough study of what He has given. Resist the urge to be lazy and apathetic in your stance. Avoid being swayed by titles and supposed scholarship. Don’t get caught in a breaststroke with the serpent laughing around your neck.



About ostrakinos

Pastoral sojourner in the world. Raising up four daughters. Citizen of earth. Resident of heaven. Taking ten looks at Christ.

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