Rabid Chihuahuas and Banana Peels

At times there is a certain zeal that encroaches upon believers that is misdirected for it forgets that liberty and the law of love must be wrapped around all that we do [1Cor. 13:1; Col. 2:16-17; James 2:12-13]. Some Christians become so engrossed in what they are convinced is a righteous pursuit of holiness that they inadvertently turn into rabid chihuahuas. They hold up adiaphora as law and bark precepts while chasing their tails for the application of such tight corridors is never consistent nor are their pathways prescribed by the Divine.

The result of such a misapplication is that they inevitably become hyper-contrarians who live angrily. Nothing ever meets their high mark and as a result they become cliquish, confined, cantankerous, contentious, closed, and condescendingly rude. The motive starts out well-intended and good but ends up on a banana peel. The sliping into Phariseeland awaits.

We should live with passion and conviction but we should also learn how to impart that zeal with godly moxie and Spirited fruit. I spent many years barking and growling about everything from tattoos and alcohol use to holidays and Disney’s decline. I know the drill well. However, we need to remember that persuasion to conviction about grace living should be done with Christ-likeness not a heavy hammer.

Embrace the essentials but where God doesn’t speak directly, exercise charity and gentleness not a spike to the skull.

About ostrakinos

Pastoral sojourner in the world. Raising up four daughters. Citizen of earth. Resident of heaven. Taking ten looks at Christ.

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